Easily test, validate, and debug mobile app analytics implementations.

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See the data you need in real time.

Stop sitting in the real-time view of your analytics platform, waiting for your data to come in and trying to validate the flow after the fact. dataslayer mobile shows you each tag on your computer, as it fires on your mobile device.

dataslayer mobile currently supports:
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Tapstream
and more tag types are being added with each release.

Designed for your use case, with almost no configuration.

Sick of wasting time setting up a general use proxy like Charles, then combing through a mess of unrelated data to try to find your tags? dataslayer mobile is built by someone who's been there. Setup is straightforward, and the interface only shows you relevant information-- plus, you can hide any tags you're not interested in.

If you don't believe it can be that easy, just check out the documentation.

An analytics tool trusted by analytics users.

dataslayer mobile is from the author of dataslayer, the tag management debugging tool for Chrome that's trusted by almost 20,000 users with a 5 star review on the Chrome Web Store.

And if you're already using dataslayer in your web analytics workflow, dataslayer mobile's interface will make viewing your mobile app tags a breeze.