Note: x.x.0 version numbers (e.g. 1.1.0) indicate feature releases, while x.x.x version numbers (e.g. 1.0.2) indicate bug fix releases and may not be listed here.


  • removed ‘tabs’ permission to get back onto Chrome Web Store


  • initial support for Google Analytics App + Web hits
  • add timestamp to export filename
  • add option to skip updating Launch data elements when a rule is completed
  • add manual refresh for Launch data elements


  • Firefox support
  • improvements to Adobe Analytics product string display
  • mark arrays as distinct from objects
  • add message popup on extension icon to avoid new user confusion
  • removed legacy code
  • bugfix: nested booleans display properly
  • bugfix: “via” GTM ID displays properly


  • three column view for GTM & Launch
  • customize or disable update timer for non-GTM data
  • linkify source files for Launch
  • improved Launch performance
  • visual improvements (incl. to dark mode)
  • bugfix: export files are now properly encoded
  • bugfix: custom JS objects work again
  • bugfix: Launch monitors are injected more appropriately (thanks klapec)
  • bugfix: AMP analytics hits work again


  • improve Adobe Launch support
  • allow toggling of friendly names for hit tracking
  • allow toggling of query parameter decoding


  • UI completely moved to React - please report any issues!
  • added import/export functionality
  • added search/filter functionality
  • added option to auto-collapse gtm.* namespace events
  • added option to show navigation timestamps
  • non-interactive GA events are called out
  • miscellaneous bugfixes